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Amano’s Puyu yarn is rare and and highly prized.   This alpaca silk yarn is a Bulky,  70% Baby Alpaca/30% mulberry silk and the softest alpaca silk yarn in the world.   Puyu in Quechua (The native language of the Incas) means cloud.

Puyu yarn is made of Baby alpaca, which has been given a light airy structure and mixed with Mulberry silk. This results in Puyu being as light as a feather and as soft as a cloud. Experience its light luxury in a range of natural colors, which are a joy to knit and crochet with. Puyu has a unique “plied texture” as well which provides an excellent hollow thread.

This yarn is baby Alpaca introduced by high air pressure into a cage of Mulberry Silk. This technique allows to present the lightest chunky yarn made with Alpaca.