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Alpaca Yarn Cardigan – Machine Knitted

he days are getting shorter and the nights are gathering, and I am so happy. It’s sweater season!!!  I have been poking around on my favorite social media sites this past month trying to get inspiration for a new knitting project.  After looking at some amazing designs out of Europe, I instead decided to go plain and simple and make a very usable alpaca yarn cardigan.

I splurged and bought a 2 kilo cone of 100% baby alpaca yarn in a light sage green color. It is a fine double-ply, fingerling weight.  I don’t have a scale to figure the exact weight of yarn used, but it was approximately half of the cone.  The size is a 46” chest, done in an all over stockinette stitch.  Alpaca yarn is wonderful to use in sweaters and cardigans as it is light weight, yet warm.  It has many of the same characteristic of wool that I like, namely it can be steam pressed to give the garment a smooth, finished effect.

For a light weight sweater, I love the look of the stockinette stitch.  While I enjoy hand knitting, for this weight of yarn, I much prefer to use the knitting machine.  I drafted the pattern in DAK8 and then knitted it out on a Studio SK 580 electronic machine.  DAK8 makes knitting a pleasure as it tells you when to make increases, decreases, color changes and all the information needed to make a piece.

Once the pieces were knitted and blocked, I used a linker to put it together.  On the collar band, I used the chain stitch on the linker on the outside for a decorative effect.  The buttons were the score of the garment.  I went into an upholstery outlet store and they had the perfect buttons for $.05 each – and they match perfectly!

So happy with this sweater.  It is soft, warm and completely wearable.  As much as I hate cold weather, looking forward to a little fall chill so I can cuddle into this one!

alpaca yarn cardigan